Friday, September 5, 2008

Our project

Title: New european e-friends

Duration: a school year

Short description:

The scope of topics: Getting to know the traditions of Christmas, Methods of leisure time - playing on snow, spring in our country, talk - messenger Gadu-Gadu (optional), to become my friends.


Power Point, e-mail, blog, instant messaging


- to become acquainted with peers from another country

- learn about their everyday life, how to use free time, the best-known traditions in the region (including traditional dishes), geographical location, nature and the environment

- learning skills and performance of digital photos and the creation of a PowerPoint presentation - science conduct online diary - a blog - writing individual sentences and short speech in English

Work process:

- teacher participation in a course on-line preparatory classes with students, develop a plan for the project, a preliminary exchange of e-mali, a partner on the scope of cooperation and collaboration starting,

Student productions:

Power Point presentations, e-mails from the Annex, a blog with the help of teacher

Schools participating to the project:

Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny, Poland *

"Liviu Rebreanu" School,Mioveni town, Arges county, Romania, Romania *

Ecole de la Pierre Attelée, France

Zespół Szkół Gimnazjum i Szkoła Podstawowa, Poland